04.03.2017 – 05.03.2017 (Performance duration: 2 days)
Capsule Shanghai, China


Jianyong Dai

Object interactive performance & Equal Collaborative Performance

Yingmei Duan in collaboration with Bing Cao, Xiulian Chen & Wentai Zhou, Eli Floyd Clemens, Jianyong Dai, Adrien Delestre, Ni Fan, Haiqiang Fang, Hsieh Fenrong, Yuan Gao, Xin Gu, Xiaohan Han, Shan Huang, He Huang, Ping Huang, Yuanpan Huang, Qi Li, Weiwei Li, Aojie Lin, Meihui Maluochun, Merunisha Peel, Enrico Polato, Felicitas Thun, Neva Wang, Xiaopang, Zhi Yang, Jianling Zhang, Zhaoying Zhang, Jinliang Zhou, Yongliang Zhou, Yan Zhu. 

Nowadays, people are always busy, and many of their experiences and connections with people are quickly forgotten as they are bombarded with endless short-form content online. It is not like in the past, when people could keep a person, an object, or other memory, deep in their mind. 

For many years I have been travelling around the world, seen and experienced a lot of people and things, many of which I have forgotten. Therefore, I would like to keep a handful of memories through this “Mementos” project. 

I met the collaborators for this project at the end of 2016 at the Capsule Shanghai Gallery opening dinner. My plan was to set up a one-on-one network using the social media platform Wechat, and connect with people two months before the presentation. After this, we met up face to face to work on our communication and collaboration. Finally, we carried out over twenty „Object Interactive Performances“ and „Object & Video Interactive Performances“ on site.



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