Mother‘s Tongue

Mother‘s Tongue


03.10 2014 – 21.11. 2014
“Mother’s Tongue”, Universum Theater, Helsinki, Finnland


Live Performance

My father has worked as a doctor of Chinese traditional medicine for more than 70 years and has extensive experience in this field. My mother also has a wealth of experience in this area. Having grown up in a medical family, I have always been particularly interested in Chinese traditional medicine.

The theme of this performance art festival is „Mother’s Tongue“. Based on this theme, I created a performance related to Chinese medicine by interacting with the audience.

Chinese medicine is not only for the sick but also for those who wish to become healthier and more beautiful. In a humorous way, I interacted with the audience by examining tongues or tapping on meridians, for example. This way, people learned a few basic principles of Chinese medicine, and I encouraged them to maintain their beauty and health.