04.02.2010 – 07.03.2010

Countryside and city in Swaziland, 2010



Performance project In collaboration with Nelson Mapako

“What is life like in a polygamous family? What do men do? What do women do? What is the difference between men and women in the family?”“Why do women go to a polygamous family?”“What is the psychology for the women in relation to their husband? Do they get jealous of the other wives? Do they fight with the other wives?”

“What is the role of sex in a polygamous family? Does man have more women because of sexuality?”

“What kinds of people go to the polygamous family?”

Can polygamy be one woman with many men in Africa?”

“Does polygamy hurt women?”

“Are they Christian?”


After more than one year regularly discussing online their collaboration, Yingmei duan and Nelson Mapako finally came to the topic of polygamy. It interested them greatly as a main topic and Duan carried out research online for a few months then with many questions went to Swaziland to continue her research in person.

In this performance/research project Yingmei Duan and Nelson Mapako experienced life in a polygamous family for a short period of time in the countryside in Swaziland. The research extended beyond the family to other people in the village both adults and children. Further research was done in the cities of Swaziland.

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