Yingmei in Wonderland

Yingmei in Wonderland


24-30 October 2022
Royal Theater Carré, Amsterdam


Dustin Lynn

Live Performance

“A co-creation by the Marina Abramovic Institute and Royal Theatre Carré Amsterdam, No Intermission is a 7-day performance project comprised of 10 newly commissioned participatory performances and a new iteration of The Abramovic Method, lead by Marina Abramovic.

In No Intermission, the boundaries between the performer and public are blurred, and the entirety of the theater will operate as a collective performative experiment. All the spaces in the Carré will be activated by performance, from the central stage, the basement, the foyer, the corridors, to the cafes. The public will be invited to freely move through the space to experience the works.”  – MAI

Participating Artists

Carla Adra, Abel Azcona, Dante Buu, Yingmei Duan, Mauricio Ianês, Miles Greenberg, Maria Stamenković Herranz, Anthony Huseyin, Yiannis Pappas, Ana Prvački