Approx. 30 min.
University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen, Holland, 2009


Rob Gieling

Live performance with Luigi Coppola

The performance is a collaboration between Yingmei Duan and Luigi Coppola on the occasion of the festival “Beauty, Ugliness and the Sublime”. Their performance relates directly to this premise of the festival.

The performance is held in a space in which the walls are covered in mirrors. The audience sits in two rows. The two performers stand at different sides of the space, rather than looking at each other directly, they look at the reflections of their body in the mirrors. Slowly they begin to move towards each other and meet in the middle of the room.

Coppola starts to undress Duan. He concentrates his attention to her and actively tries to change and move her body according to his own wishes. He also encourages the audience to observe and touch her while she remains passive. This gesture gives the impression he wants the audience to support his idea of beauty.

Whilst this is happening Duan appears hesitant. Her face looks confused and full of questions. She occasionally smells Coppola and various people from the audience that approach her.





正当这一切发生时,Duan 显得犹豫不决。她的脸看起来很困惑,充满了疑问。她偶尔会闻到科波拉和接近她的观众中的各种人。