Appointment c

Appointment c


2nd June – 18th June 2010


Joana Rodrigues

Live Performance

“Appointment” was an 18 days collaboration in which the artists Yingmei Duan and Márcio Carvalho performed various meetings in different locations throughout Berlin. Duan, from China and Carvalho from Portugal communicated using real-world situations. These happenings were mediated through perspectives gained through the eyes of artists, video and photography. The entire project was inside a performance process, developed through several meetings including a meeting under a car, an appointment with Amadeus, with a neighbor and a meeting with trees. The final stage of the project was presented as a process where both artists showed 7 videos, 1 sound piece and a performance.

After the collaboration between Márcio Carvalho and Yingmei Duan “Appointment” in Berlin in 2010, the two artists decide to go on and develop the “Appointment” concept with different people from various countries.