Meeting c

Meeting c


14.12.2019 – 15.04.2020
“THE GAZE OF HISTORY – Contemporary Chinese Art Revisited”, Jupiter Museum of Art, Shenzhen, China



Object & Video Interactive Performance

“THE GAZE OF HISTORY – Contemporary Chinese Art Revisited” was a

group exhibition of about 60 artists, in which Yingmei presented various “Object & Video Interactive performance” installations created since 2016.

—Imagining Sai Van Lake, 2019 (Artists: Meng Kam Chan & Yingmei Duan)

—Passing By, 2016 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Yuanpan Huang)

—I Wish My Beautiful Dream Will Never End, 2017 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Maria Lentzen)

—Daily Life, 2019 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Ying Liu)

—Art Workshops In Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl, 2019 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Karin Meiner)

—A Letter For My Grandfather, 2019 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Lihua Shao)

—Bangbang, 2019 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Changxue Tian)

—Sharing, 2019 (Artists: Yingmei Duan & Katharina Volkert)