Traum von schwarzen Land des Gottes Ulaben c

Traum von schwarzen Land des Gottes Ulaben c


27.11.2017 – 27.11.2017 (Performancedauer: 60 Minuten)
The 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing, China



Live performance

In this project, Yingmei Duan translates 20 serial chants by the Manchu musician Xiaohan Han about the mythology of the Manchu shamans into a performance.

The basis is the traditional “Ulaben”, a Manchu sacrifice ceremony. “Ulaben” is a traditional Manchu rap art that has now almost been lost. The performance combines contemporary art with ancient Manchu stories.

Music: Xiaohan Han

Performance: Yingmei Duan and five students from Chongqing

„First Worship heaven—— Separating the sky from the earth

In the chaotic world in prehistoric time, abuka separated the sky from the earth, creating everything such as sun and moon, mountains and rivers, as well as animals and plants. She divided life into several categories: Schizogenesis, Humidogene, Metaplasia, Viviparity and Oviparity, and she also created people by using willow leaves.

Second Worship Heaven—— One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Years

When flood was coming, the goddess abuka became Changbai Mountain in northeast China to save human. After the blood, human moved toward nine directions along the willow trees fallen by abuka. Thus, there were nine main races in the world. Through enduring untold hardships and

sufferings, abuka successfully taught people to pursue truth, goodness, beauty, justice and light. At the same time, she also led people find the suitable living place—— Gashan.


Sixth: Offering sacrifices to ancestors

In the mythology of Manchu, willow is our fertility god, and willow also named “Mother of Foduo?”. It appeared more than once in ulabun that human came down from the willow leaves…….

Ninth: Offering sacrifices to god bringing happiness

Abuka found that people living on earth only know the way of hunting, fishing and finding food but did not know anything about disasters and disease. So he sent Shakesisha with fire god Toa go down to forecasting weal and woe for people. Shakesisha was born with a pair of wings in a poor family of no children. He often flew in the sky and told people where is the good location of hunting ground, and he also predicted plague and famine, which let people like him very much.“