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As an introduction to the website you can see recent exhibitions in the News

Yingmei began her performance career as she lived in East Village in Beijing in 1995. Since she met her teacher Marina Abramovic in Germany in 2000, she has been focusing on Performance art and research until today. You can visit her performance by Year or Performance by Category. Her Performances are categorized using her own personal method- Solo Performance, Performance Installation, Changing Exhibitions, Daily Life Art Performance, Equal Collaborative Performance, Object Interactive Performance, Object & Video Interactive Performance and Sound & Music Performance. From clicking on each category you will get to know the works. In each section, you can see a definition and a short amount of information.

You can also listen to her Music album which is also an extension of her performance work. You can listen to the songs, read the lyrics and motivation.

In other works, you can see various art mediums such as painting, drawing, and installation, which mostly originate from her performance artworks. Additionally, you can explorentings from East Village in Beijing.

In the Media section, you can find interviews and texts that provide a deeper understanding of her performance practice. In About Yingmei section, you can access her Bio, CV, Bibliography, Statement and two PDFs covering the periods 1995-2013 and 2014-2020 if you wish to explore further.