“Body” Sound

“Body” Sound


19.11.2011 – 02.12.2011
Galerie auf Zeit – Räume für Kunst, Germany



Live Performance with Di Lu

After the success of their first collaborative performance at Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester in 2009, Yingmei Duan and Di Lu have decided to carry on experimenting with sound, performance and installation in Braunschweig.

In the exhibition “BODY” SOUND, the artists build an international market atmosphere with different market sounds in the whole gallery space. The market is not represented visually but instead it is the audio that is important. We see market places as representative of our society as a whole, vibrant and lively.

For the opening of the show both of them perform a fictive art market scenario with the visitors in this special market they create. During the performance the artists reflect the art industry by experimenting and presenting new identities with the audience. The aim of the performance is to explore how to present oneself to the international art scene.

Yingmei Duan and Di Lu both grew up in China, then studied and are based in Germany and England respectively. The different culture in China and Europe greatly influence both artists.