Anthony’s World

Anthony’s World


19 November 2009
Chinese arts centre in Manchester, UK, 2009



Live performance with Antony Yates

This is the first public exhibition of Manchester-based artist Anthony Yates.

Working from a combination of life and imagination, Anthony’s work is drawn from sketch-books using pencil, crayon and pastels. Anthony traverses between the museums and galleries of Manchester, a regular feature in these locations, depicting all that he sees in minute detail.

In this collaborative performance with Yingmei Duan, Anthony will present and discuss his work. Covering the walls of Chinese Arts Centre’s project space, Anthony’s work spans a 10 year period of observation and imagination. The works are embellished by text panels written by the artist and audiences can begin to understand his concepts and processes. In this brave foray into Live Performance, Anthony will talk about his journey to this landmark point.

Anthony’s work attempts to encapsulates the world and beyond, as he invites us to join him in his observations and imaginings.