Debris Symphony

Debris Symphony


Kolonie Wedding in Berlin, Deutschland, 2007



Live Performance Installation

This performance installation is held in a residential building that includes a 30 square meter exhibition hall, a bathroom and a kitchen space. I consciously do not prepare for this piece, as I want to work in a site-specific manner. So I use various materials and objects that I am able to find in the space. The audience is also able to interact with the installation and make modifications if they wish to.

When I arrive in the building, I am surprised to find the bathroom filled with a variety of things, pots and pans, all kinds of cleaning products and appliances, empty bottles, broken chairs, old boxes and so on. I decided to make use of these found objects, and utilise the whole space for my installation. As well as the installation there is a performance in which I approach people when they enter the space, moving very close towards them looking into their eyes and smiling.

Some of viewers actively participated in the creation of the installation.