Embodying Nature in Braunschweig

Embodying Nature in Braunschweig


3 weeks
Braunschweig, Germany


Jürgen Bernhard Kuck

Live performance between Yingmei Duan and Johannes Zits

Embodying Nature in Braunschweig is a three-week collaborative performance project between Yingmei Duan and Johannes Zits. For this work in Braunschweig, they meet every day outside in nature in different types of landscapes, and try to use their bodies to communicate and investigate relationships between themselves and nature.

Initiated by Johannes Zits, Embodying Nature (like a great deal of his work through the years) focuses on the cultural and social forces that act upon the body. In Braunschweig, Duan and Zits create work that is based on their interaction and address some of their attitudes towards “nature”. The performance aims to extend the notion of the performer from their own bodies, to include the “body” of nature itself. Considering nature as a body and as a participant ensures it cannot be construed as a passive prop or backdrop; nor adored and fixed in the realm of the sublime.

Thanks very much for the generous support from Kulturinstitut Braunschweig in Germany