3 minutes – 3 hours
Performance with Mirko Winkel an der Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig, Germany, 2003
Performance with Marco Mazzaro in Biennale in Venice, Italy, 2003
Performance with Marco Mazzaro in PAC Milan, Italy, 2003
Performance with Claudio Torsa in Braziers International Artists Workshop, Oxfordshire, England, 2003


Anna Berndtson, Mariangela Bombardieri, Martina Kienow

Live Performance

I come from China, which has a very different culture. There is no sex education in the school system. Before I was 21 years old, I really knew nothing about sex and I had never even spoken the word. I had a lot of questions in my mind at that time, for example: “Why does a woman become pregnant?”, “Where do I come from?”, …This obtained until the day a girlfriend asked me what I knew about sex. I have been very busy since that day.

In summer a naked man stands in a large field. He is looking ahead. There is a very beautiful bird sound in the field and a big sun, sometimes there is wind. I appear in the distance and approach the man. At first the public is unsure what to do since I am so far away. With time, the viewer sees that I’m wearing a pink dress and big glasses. I am looking for something with a magnifying glass and go stealthily towards the man. Although reticent at first, I am very curious about the penis and check it thoroughly through the magnifying glass. After I have finished my intensive studies of the penis, I leave thoughtfully.

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