From face to face

From face to face


10 minutes
Domaine de Kerguéhennec, France, 2000
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, 2001
LOT-Theater Braunschweig, Germany, 2002
Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig, Germany, 2004
Der Offene Kunstverein e.V. Potsdam, Land Brandenburg, 2005


Zhao hongli, Mariangela Bombardieri

Live performance

I stand in front of the audience, with my large pair of glasses on the floor nearby. Slowly, I move towards somebody in the audience and stop. When we are almost touching noses, I look the person straight in the eye. Sometimes I have to stand on tiptoe if the person is very tall. To look into the eyes of those who are seated, I have to crouch down. As soon as I have looked at everybody, I return to my place. I look for my glasses, and then put them on, I smile…

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