HBK, my love!

HBK, my love!


2 days, for each day 6 hours
Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig, Germany, 2005


Melanie Martin & Juergen Kuck

Live performance installation

I come from China and study at the HBK since six years. Recently I have just finished my diploma. Studying at the HBK is a big dream for me, which fulfilled itself in my life. In the last six years I was nearly to the HBK everyday and I worked there with my artist works. The HBK is my life paradise. Here I have learned a lot and have got a lot experience… All beautiful memories to this time I would like to realise in my performance.

This is a Glaskubus in the green inner court of the university. I use this small light-through-flooded area for my performance installation. Through the windows, which are formed from the folded Chinese rice paper, one can see another surprising world HBK. All articles, which disguised with the white Chinese rice paper, are nicely small. It looks like a fairy tale. I stand between the things. During the performance my body slowly sways from one side to the other. My eyes are closed and I seem to be dreaming. In the evening the glaskubus situated in the dark yard. A Chinese mythology appears.

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