19 days, for 6 hours each day
whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, 2009


Marco Anelli

Live performance

“Marina Abramović presents” took place at Manchester International Festival held in the Whitwirth Art Gallery. Yingmei was one of the invited artists.

In this interactive performance Yingmei appears hopeless touching her naked body. The space is quite dark and she moves around slowly she seems to be tired and disappointed with life and people. Her movements and expression encompass both beauty and ugliness as if she is striving to find meaning in life. This piece reveals loneliness, melancholia and depression.

Is Yingmei part of the crowd? Does the space resemble today’s society? Does she want to escape the complicated relationships that exist within society? Does Yingmei appear to be attempting to break away from her own solitude by trying to interact with the other people in the crowd? …