On the roof

On the roof


5 hours
Aiwa International Artists Workshop, Aley, Lebanon, 2005


Ramin Haerizadeh & Shaniu

Live performance installation

During the time in Lebanon, I do three pieces, it is one of them.

On the roof top of a bombed house I create with easels, covered in white paper, a white fairy-tale world in the open air. The audience can go into the Performance-Installation by the winding small way. I stand in the middle dreaming…

—Dancing (Installation): Pieces of shredded meat are put everywhere in a room, that has been destroyed by the war. They come from out of a hole, hang on the wall, move from the windows border. The raw meet seems to be moving with the wind.

—Dust (Installation): Several things are located in a space, which is actually a war ruin: a photography of me with a lucky pig, a going clock, a pair of red shoes, an old chair and a sleeping dress. Everything is covered with dust.

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