Poesie der Begegnung

Poesie der Begegnung


11.09.2019 – 12.11.2019

 Art Pavilion Burgbrohl, Germany



Live performance

Yingmei Duan in collaboration with Arian Raphael Beck, Lena Beck, Johannes Bell, Agathe Bermel, Sabine Bermel, Werner Blum, Nora Deus, Petra Deus, Nico Gertel, Dirk Hansen, Tom Jäger, Renate Kohns, Dieter Marczykowski, Katja Mathieu & Thomas Wagner, Karin Meiner, Eberhard T. Müller, Maria Müller, Karl & Marliese Nebgen, Andrea Neideck, Andreas Petri, Herbert Reinthal, Ruth Retterath, Udo Rindsfüsser, Conny Rindsfüsser, Doreen Röder, Simone Schneider, Katharina Volkert, TuS Niederoberweiler e.V. & Petra Weidenbach, Ilse Weiler, Projekt Flüchtlinge als Fachkräfte in Firmen integrieren (PFIFFIG), L. Scheffel and G. Weber/ ÖFH Bad Neuenahr

I have been to various countries in the last 15 years, met many people and experienced different things, but I don’t really remember them and have forgotten much. Through interactive collaboration, I would like to understand my old and new friends better and create some memories in our collaborative work.

In my new art project at the Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl, I made another “Object & Video Interactive Performance” and added two new ways of working: “Object & Painting Interactive Performance” and “Object & Photography Interactive Performance”. These are two of my creative models that I have been exploring since 2016. 

My work at Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl arts centre integrated the individual with nature and with environmental, social, political and cultural elements in the hope of intense interaction in the region, including between local residents and newcomers. To promote exchange in the local community, I also offered lectures and workshops and participated in cultural activities in the local community.

In the exhibition, the audience could interact with the objects of my collaborators. The objects were linked to a video on a screen. The videos related to a variety of topics and were developed based on people’s stories and experiences. In addition, next to each work was a small note written in a childlike and humorous way to describe the object, the owner and their connection.

These notes were arranged next to the object and video. In this way objects and video, people and space were connected. By combining all these elements, I hoped to create a multi-dimensional network between object and object, object and human, object and space, human and human, human and space, space and space, inner space and outer space.