Rubbish city

Rubbish city


3 days, for 3 hours each day
Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Schweden, 2008


Elin Lundgren

Live Performance

This is the first time that Yingmei worked with the Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö. Swedish musician Jens Eriksson, the theater actor Christer Strandberg, the film actor Fredrik Gunnarson and his daughter Nora Gunnarson, also participated in the work as performers.

During the three days of the performance, the entire 300 square metre gallery space was filled with tons of garbage, which was arranged into a dark atmospheric wasteland. The audience has to follow narrow paths through the obscure landscape made from rubbish. In the background one hears the sound of interrupted piano music and a laughing clown, which comes from a distant video monitor.

After advancing further into the space, it is possible to see five different characters: a pianist, a man dressed in a black suit, a little girl, an old man and a naked woman. These people appear to be lost in this catastrophic situation. In this environment it was very difficult to differentiate between audience and performer.

Yingmei moves slowly and quietly through the scenario. She is naked and appears to be very weak. Her face is full of sadness. She looks as if she is close to death.

On the other hand the little girl, resembles an angel in her white dress and playfully folds paper boats.

On the other hand the little girl, resembles an angel in her white dress and playfully folds paper boats.

The man in the black suit transmits a very severe gaze and stares into the audience’s eyes. This figure could be read as the contemporary devil.

The pianist plays a very moving, harmonious melody, which occasionally stops. These interruptions help to give the room a very melancholic atmosphere.

The old man speaks in a very confusing manner. He gives the impression he is trying to remember something, but is unable to put these thoughts or memories into words. In this piece Yingmei Duan draws the audience into a filmic landscape of decay. When the audience enters the fabricated environment or civilization they also become part of the work.

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