(c)Anna Berndtson


10.01.2015 – 31.01.2015

Galerie Auf Zeit, Braunschweig, Germany



Live performance

In 2012, Anna Berndtson and I collaborated for the first time, creating performances, photographs and videos. 

In 2015, we continued our collaboration with the exhibition “Beauty!?”. Throughout the entire exhibition, we adjusted our artworks, for example moving a painting from the wall to the floor, replacing a photograph with a newer one, or continuing to develop an exhibited video or performance.

Anna and I put it this way: “There are many people in the world who have lost their self-confidence and are pathological about beauty. What is beautiful, and for whom? How important is beauty? We are interested in the image we have of ourselves and also the perception others have of us. In this performance project, we want visitors to question their ideas concerning beauty. We aim to engage in a dialogue with the audience through various mediums such as sound, performance, photography, and video”.