12.09.2016 – 06.11.2016

“Be My Guest!”, Art pavilion Burgbrohl, Germany



Live performance

Yingmei Duan in collaboration with Michael Annasenz, Teklit Asfha, Arian Raphael Beck, Sabine Bermel, Petra Deus, Werner Gail, the Esser family, Werner Gail, Omid Habibi, Sarah Kaufmann, Jeanne Lessenich, Maria & Eberhard Müller, Karl & Marliese Nebgen, Birgit Netz, Petra Ochs, Herbert Reinthal, Uwe Sulflohn, and Alexander Tech

In 2016, Yingmei was invited as a guest to participate in an art residency programme in the “ArtLab” at Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl. “ArtLab” is a place where contemporary art concepts are developed in rural areas, and resources in rural life are discovered and made publicly visible.  

Yingmei has made numerous “Equal Collaborative Performances” worldwide since 2005. These projects usually extend over long periods of time. Collaborators come from a range of different cultures, ages and backgrounds.

For more than six weeks, Yingmei actively invited a number of people from the Brohltal region to take part in the “Be My Guest!” project. They came from Burgbrohl, Oberzissen and Waldorf and included not only long-term local residents but also new residents coming from Eritrea, Afghanistan and Bosnia. Their ages ranged from 8 to 88 years old, and they came from a variety of backgrounds, including artists, bakers, teachers, farmers, social workers, refugees, pensioners and more. Yingmei brought them together in an open show with dialogue and discussion.

Creativity does not come from birth; people can train and develop it. Not only artists are creative; people without artistic backgrounds can be creative, too. At the heart of this performance art project is the encouragement and exploration of the artistic potential of the collaborators.