Yingmei and Yuko

Yingmei and Yuko


26. 04. 2014 — 02. 06. 2014
“Zuflucht von der Sehnsucht des Paradieses“, Ahrenshoop, Germany



Live perfromance

Yuko and I met a long time ago and have wanted to work together for a long time.

During her work stay at Künstlerhaus Lukas, she invited me to a joint project. We then went for a walk by the sea almost every morning, ate together and tried out a lot. “Yingmei and Yuko” is one of several works realized together.


YK: Touching sand, hearing waves and seeing her are the same thing?

Yingmei is a performer and she always says: “Ich bin sehr glücklich. Ich bin zufrieden.” I think I don’t often say that.

YM: Yuko is a dancer. She speaks like a Japanese bird, very softly.

YK: We are two artists. We are traveling around the world. We are scorpions.

YM: Do we have something else in common?

YK: She eats meals regularly and after meal she likes to move.

YK: She asks and asks many questions, I try to answer and try to find answers.

YK: I am wondering why she is so curious about other people.

YM: She looks like a melancholic clown.

YM: She has a unique body. I always like to touch her belly.

YM: She laughs a lot when we are together.

YK: She laughs a lot when we are together. What do I know about her?

YK: I think that she became taller since I saw her last time.

YM: She likes eating snacks.

YK: She likes sleeping very much.

YM: She should speak more slowly, then she will have more chances in life.

YM: When I speak, she always understands something different.

YK: She often tells me: “ich verstehe nicht, noch mal!“

YM: She always has a young boyfriend.

YK: She says she knows more about sexuality than me.

YK: She laughs like a child in daily life. But when she performs, I see deep inside her.

YM: She needs dance, it is her life. If she dances, I always see my soul from her body.