Biography c

Biography c


48 hours
Grüntaler 9 in Berlin, Germany


Teena Lange

Live Performance between Yingmei Duan and Nikhil Chopra

Yingmei Duan and Nikhil Chopra share a great deal of similarities in relation to their interests despite coming from diverse areas of the world. Their performance can be interpreted as an encounter between two performers from two different approaches with several points of intersection. This is Yingmei Duan’s second experience working with the Lilith Performance Studio.

In this project they have decided to collaborate on a performance that lasts 48 hours. The performance centers on a special “dialogue” between the two artists and the viewer concerning their biography to learn more about each other. The conversation is open-ended and develops over the performance. The audience, are also welcome to stay in the gallery overnight if they wish. In the performance they discuss their lives, family, history and different relationships.Through a small doorway one-steps into Duan’s poetic fairytale wonderland, which is enacted in a forest glade. In the forest glade one hears different sounds like wind, water dripping and Yingmei herself is crouching down on a tree stump she is also sometimes making sounds…..