Me and You c

Me and You c


22.08.2017 – 15.10.2017 (Performance duration: 6 days)
“Blocked the politics of open doors”, plan.d.produzentengalerie e.V., Düsseldorf, Deutschland



Live performance

This project is an “Object & Video interactive performance” by Yingmei Duan in collaboration with artists Andrea Isa, Maria Lentzen, Heike Ludewig, Markus Mußinghoff.

Today, people are always busy, and many of their experiences are quickly forgotten. It’s not like past times when people could keep an object, or a thing, or someone deep in their minds. For many years I’ve been travelling around the world, seeing and experiencing a lot of things, many of which I’ve forgotten. Therefore, I would like to keep my few memories through my “Object & Video interactive performance” work in collaboration with artists from plan.d. producerengalerie. e.V.

Different art media appeared in the exhibition, which awakened the viewers’ senses such as hearing, smelling, etc. 

Through “Object & Video Interactive Performance” a multimedia and multidimensional performative network was created that allowed interaction between people, people and objects, objects and objects, objects and space, space and space, and outer space and inner space.

In 2016 I met some artists from plan.d. produzentengalerie. e.V. in Haifa, Israel.

Plan.d. produzentengalerie. e.V. is a gallery in Düsseldorf in Germany. Later in 2017, they invited me to participate in a seven-day residency program. My concept was to work with artists from the gallery.